200+ French Nicknames for Men, Women, Friends and Lovers


In this article we discuss on Spanish nicknames for Men, Women, Friends and Lovers. You can call your lovers, siblings parents and random person by these nicknames.

Hopefully, you will find the perfect French nickname for your loves one!

List of French Nicknames:

200+ French Nicknames for Men, Women, Friends and Lovers
200+ French Nicknames for Men, Women, Friends and Lovers

This list covers all French Nicknames for Guys, Girls, Lovers, Soul Mates etc.

French Nicknames for Guys

French Nicknames for Guys
French Nicknames for Guys
  1. Asticot: This means maggot, but can be seen as a funky name for crazy friend
  2. Belle gueule: Also, a great French nickname for a young good looking boy.
  3. BG: It stands for ‘beau gosse,” which means hot guy.
  4. Bogosse: For a young good looking boy.
  5. Boss: As per its meaning in English, it is used to show some respect.
  6. Champion: As it is in English.
  7. Chef: This means boss and can be used as a sign of respect.
  8. Chochotte: A French term of endearment you can use to tease your friend if he is a bit too sweet.
  9. Coco: A French term of endearment used to show warmth to someone you don’t know that well.
  10. Cousin: This nickname used to refer to “an informer” among Drug Dealers and gangs. However, it has become a common French nickname for friends.
  11. Frangin: A slang commonly used for a friend or brother.
  12. Frappadingue: It means crazy; the perfect nickname for a crazy guy.
  13. Frérot: A close English equivalent would be – Bro.
  14. Gavroche: The fitting nickname for a punk or troublemaker. Culled from the 1862 novel, Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.
  15. Gus: This means man and you can use it as you would use “Guy” in English.
  16. Ma Caille: A French term of endearment, the direct translation is quail, but as a term of endearment, it means “honey.”
  17. Ma poule: A French slang meaning “My Sweetheart.”
  18. Mec: It is commonly used to refer to boyfriends, but it can be used to address guys in general.
  19. Mon artiste: This mean artist, it is a good French nickname for a friend.
  20. Mon enclume: It means anvil, it is meant for somebody who means a lot to you.
  21. Mon frère: It means “my brother,” you can use this nickname for a guy who means a lot to you.
  22. Mon grand: A French nickname, meaning “Big Guy,” it is used as a sign of respect.
  23. Mon gros: A direct translation would be “great,” “grand,” “large,” “fat,” but in the right context, it means “My Bro,” which is a sign of affection.
  24. Mon pote: A French nickname, meaning “My Friend.”
  25. Mon poto: It means good friend, as per a song written by Boris Vian – the famous writer.
  26. Mon précieux: The French nickname you should call your precious one.
  27. Pépito: Pepito is a comic-book hero. This French nickname can be used for someone who acts as a pioneer or fighter.
  28. Zebulon: A fitting nickname for someone who is always in action.

French Love Nicknames for Men and Women

  1. Mon amour – my love
  2. Mon ange – my angel
  3. Mon trésor – my treasure
  4. Mon coeur – my heart
  5. Mon canard – my duck – yes, I know… wait, it gets worse…
  6. Mon chou – my sweet bun (un chou à la crème is a cream filled puff pastry) – “mon petit chou” is also quite common
  7. Mon chouchou – comes from “mon chou”
  8. Doudou – no literal translation – it sounds very bad in English but we use it a lot in French! The origine is Creole French and it means sweety, darling…
  9. Mon lapin – my rabbit
  10. Mon poussin – my chick

French Nicknames for Girls

French Nicknames for Girls
French Nicknames for Girls

Here are the list of more then 30 pet names are awesome French nicknames for girls. They are also best for Men, Women, friends, siblings and even strangers.

  1. Barbe à papa: Is she as sweet as cotton candy?
  2. Cacahuète: It means peanut. You can use it as a nickname for someone who is full of fantasy and fun.
  3. Chamallow: It means marshmallow; a good nickname for your sweet friend.
  4. Choupette: A cute French nickname for a close friend
  5. Choupi: A short version of Choupinette; a nickname to show your love for a lady.
  6. Choupinette: A term of endearment for a good friend; it’s roughly the same when you say “sweetie” “baby” or “sweetheart.”
  7. Crazy Chérie: It means crazy love. It is a good French term of endearment for a wild friend or someone you appreciate.
  8. Frangine: A common slang used for a sister or close buddy.
  9. Loleuse: A good pet name for a cheerful friend.
  10. Lolotte: For someone who is independent and fun
  11. Loukoum: Is she as sweet as Loukoum; the popular Turkish delight?
  12. Louloute: An affectionate French term of endearment used for loved ones.
  13. Lutin des prairies: A good name for your little friend that is almost like your little elf.
  14. Ma Biche: Ma Biche can be roughly translated to mean honey, baby, darling.
  15. Ma Caille: Caille is a bird, but the term “Ma Caille” is an affectionate term in French, used only for women.
  16. Ma calinette: It does not have a literal meaning, but it is used to a show affection for a friend.
  17. Ma chouette: “Chouette” means owl, a bird. But “Ma Chouette” is an affectionate term used for a nice person.
  18. Ma cocotte: Cocotte means Hen; it is commonly used as a nickname for women of easy virtues.
  19. Ma crevette: A funny French nickname for a tiny girl. It means – shrimp.
  20. Ma p’tite parfaite: If your friend is perfect, this nickname will fit her well.
  21. Ma puce: “My dear” in an informal way.
  22. Macaron tout rond: Macaron tout rond is a sweet cookie, which is why it is a cute nickname for a sweet friend.
  23. Meuf: Like Mec, Meuf can be used for your girlfriend or any female.
  24. Mini Lady: A funny little name for your best friend
  25. Mon petit caramel: A romantic French nickname for a good friend. It means “sweet caramel.”
  26. Nana: Used in many parts of France, it means “chick.”
  27. P’tit bouchon: A sweet and charming name used as a sign of affection!
  28. P’tit diamant: A great French term of endearment for someone as precious as “Diamond.”
  29. P’tite poupée: A cute French nickname for a cute friend. It means little doll.
  30. Petit Sucre rose: A good pet name for a cute little friend. It means “My little pink sugar.”
  31. Petite licorne: A great French nickname for a great friend, it means – Little Unicorn.
  32. Pomme d’amour: It means candy apple, which makes it an excellent nickname for your sweet little one.
  33. Régalette: If your friend is an excellent cook or loves to eat, then this is the perfect name for her.
  34. Super pipelette: If your friend is talkative, this is the nickname for her.
  35. Tigrou: Is she high-spirited, friendly, and innocently arrogant? She sounds like Tigger from Winne the Pooh.
  36. Winnie L’Ourson: French term for Winne the Pooh. Is she gentle, friendly, adorable, and childlike, then call her this nickname.

French Nicknames for Boyfriend

French Nicknames for Boyfriend
French Nicknames for Boyfriend

These French Nicknames for Boyfriend are soft, pure and lovable in speak and written.

  1. Bibou: Is he a sweet and kind soul?
  2. Bibou: One of those terms of endearment without a real meaning but it just sounds so sweet that everyone uses it.
  3. Bijou: My jewel. Use this nickname for a precious guy.
  4. Bisounours: Is he your sweet care bear?
  5. Boubou: No real meaning, just one of those cool-sounding nicknames you can call your boyfriend.
  6. Calinours: For a boyfriend as adorable as a teddy bear.
  7. Chaton: For your adorable kitten.
  8. Chouchou: This is also the name of a famous movie. It also means my favorite one if you want to choose it
  9. Choupinou: A cute and sweet nickname for him.
  10. Chouquette: A Chouquette is a delicious pastry sprinkled with pearl sugar and sometimes filled with custard or mousse. It can also be dipped in chocolate or covered in chocolate chips. So, you see why you should call him – Chouquette.
  11. Darling: As it is in English.
  12. Doudou: no real meaning indeed, just sweet in the mouth
  13. Foufou: A crazy sounding sweet nickname for him.
  14. Kiki: A cute sounding term for a darling.
  15. Lapinou: my little rabbit
  16. Ma guimauve: For a boyfriend that is as sweet as candy.
  17. Ma moitié: If you are very close to your half one, then this is the right name
  18. Ma petite marmotte: A cute pet name for your little marmot.
  19. Mamour: Like ‘mon amour,’ i.e., my love
  20. Mon amoureux: My lover, this says it all
  21. Mon ange: My angel
  22. Mon Apollon: For someone that is like a God to you.
  23. Mon bel étalon: A bright stallion, this should be reserved for a handsome man.
  24. Mon bichon: This translates to Sweetheart.
  25. Mon bien aimé: A great way to tell your darling how much he means to you
  26. Mon biquet: A cute term of endearment for a loved one.
  27. Mon canari des îles: A cute French nickname for your munchkin.
  28. Mon cher et tendre: A romantic term of endearment to show your love and feelings to your boyfriend.
  29. Mon chéri: This means babe. Pronounce it with three “rrr” from the throat to make it sound even more French!
  30. Mon Chou: This is also the name of a creamy cupcake… It means my sweetheart
  31. Mon coussinet: If your boyfriend is soft and calm, this is a sweet name that refers to a small cushion
  32. Mon cum: It means “My man.”
  33. Mon gazou: In Arabic language, Gazou means boy and should be used for someone who is sweet and charming – Use « gazelle » as a female equivalent
  34. Mon héros: If your boyfriend is your hero.
  35. Mon homme: A wonderful pet name for a strong man
  36. Mon Jules: For a cute and adorable boyfriend.
  37. Mon petit canard: It means “little duck.”
  38. Mon petit cœur: My little sweetheart.
  39. Mon poussin: For your cute little chicken.
  40. Mon poussinet: If your boyfriend is cute and dedicated, this is the nickname to call him.
  41. Mon preux chevalier: Is he your valiant knight?
  42. Mon prince: A cool French nickname to call your prince.
  43. Mon roi: Is he your king?
  44. Mon souriceau: It means “My Mouse.” It can be used for a troublesome boyfriend or an energetic lover.
  45. Mon trésor: A sweet French nickname meaning “My treasure.”
  46. Mon zazou: a crazy meaning for this nickname if your loved one is a bit wild.
  47. Petit loup: It means “little wolf,” but as a term of endearment it means “Darling.”
  48. Pioupiou: A sweet animal sound that works as a cute nickname for him.
  49. Zeus: Name him after the Greek God.

French Nicknames for Girlfriend

French Nicknames for Girlfriend
French Nicknames for Girlfriend

Here is 50 French Nicknames for Girlfriend. You can call any of these nicknames for your love ones. Here are more Cute Nicknames for Girls that includes more specific and exact match.

  1. Bichette: It means Female deer, but it is often used as an affectionate name for one’s girlfriend.
  2. Bibiche: same as Bichette, even if it sounds a bit old school.
  3. Biquette: It means female goat, but it is commonly used as a term of endearment for a lady.
  4. Mon cœur au chocolat: For your chocolate sweetheart.
  5. Coquinette: A cute French name for a naughty girlfriend.
  6. Ma chérie: For the love of your life.
  7. Ma princesse: It means my princess.
  8. Ma belle: A cute French salutation or term of endearment for a sweetheart.
  9. Poulette: It means Chick. It is used just as you would use Chick in English.
  10. Ma douce: This means sweetie; it is meant for your sweet girlfriend.
  11. Mon chou: A cute French nickname for a girlfriend, it means honey.
  12. Choupinette: A cute nickname for your sweetheart.
  13. Ma poupée: A cute French nickname for your babydoll.
  14. Chatounette: It means Kitty, also a cute French nickname for lovers.
  15. Mon bébé: It means “my baby.”
  16. Ma tourterelle: It means ‘Turtledove.’ It is used as a pet name for someone you love.
  17. Ma loute: It means sweetheart.
  18. Mimoune: A bit old fashioned but sweet pet name for your girlfriend.
  19. Roudoudou: A cute nickname for a sweetheart.
  20. Pupuce: A cute French nickname for your Honeypot.
  21. Beauté: A nice way to show your love to your beautiful girlfriend.
  22. Pépette: A cool nickname for a girlfriend you value highly.
  23. Lapinette: For an adorable lady; as cute as a rabbit.
  24. Mon bébé d’amour: A cute French nickname for your sweet baby love.
  25. Ma pépite: It means a piece of gold; a good nickname for a girl you are lucky to have.
  26. Ma dulcinée: It means sweetheart.
  27. Ma promise: The promised one is the girl you hope to marry someday.
  28. Ma fée: It means Fairy; a good name for a magical girl.
  29. Ma reine: It means queen, a respectful word used to refer to your loved one.
  30. Ma chance: A good nickname for a girlfriend you are lucky to have in your life.
  31. Ma nymphe: A cute nickname for a girlfriend that could be likened to a Goddess.
  32. Ma muse: For someone who inspires you.
  33. Zoubida: This is an Arabic word used to refer to a lover; it is also used in French.
  34. Bibi d’amour: A sweet nickname for someone you love.
  35. Ma tendre: A cute nickname for a true sweetheart.
  36. Ma rose: It means ‘Rose,’ it is a cute French nickname for a beautiful girlfriend.
  37. Ma violette: a charming purple flower name will also fit a beautiful lady
  38. Ma mignonnette: If your girlfriend is cute and good looking, call her this nickname.
  39. Ma petite sirène: It means – Little mermaid. A good nickname for a girlfriend full of surprises.
  40. Ma gazelle: A cute nickname for a charming girlfriend.
  41. Ma lionne: It means Lioness; a cool French nickname for a wild girlfriend.
  42. Ma Juliette: If you are Romeo, she’s Juliette.
  43. Ma petite grenouille: It means little frog; it is used as a romantic nickname for girlfriends.
  44. Ma Valentine: A great name for your Valentine girl.
  45. Ma schtroumpfette: Smurfette, a romantic nickname for your girlfriend.
  46. Ma tigresse: It means Tigress; a cute French nickname for an energetic girl.
  47. Toutoune: If you love to paddle and cuddle your girlfriend, this is perfect
  48. Sucre d’or: For a sweet girl.
  49. Papouille: For a girl, you love to cuddle.

200+ French Nicknames for Men, Women, Friends and Lovers

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